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In Spring 2021 we opened for the first time and was BLOWN AWAY at everyone's support!  WE had a blast meeting new people and visiting with friends and family as you supported our dream of a locally owned greenhouse and meat shop.  We pride ourselves in the best quality of plants and flowers available.  Grown and raised right here on our farm.   We want to connect consumers direct to our product, leaving out the middleman and educating people in the process on how farms work.  We look forward to seeing you again this season!

We can't wait to see you at the farm!

2024 Hours beginning April 12:

Wednesday - Friday 10a-5p

Saturdays 9a-2p


Greenhouse Products


Big & Beautiful hanging baskets or potted ferns!


Trays of all types of herbs for your cooking needs! Cook fresh!


Trays of flowers to take home and replant, hanging baskets, and large pots full of flowers and greenery!


Trays of all your favorite garden varieties! Let us be your garden supplier this year!

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