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  • How much farm fresh meat can I expect?
    Our beefs will average 1,100 pounds at harvest. But, that's isn't how much meat you will recieve. For a whole beef you can expect around 443 pounds of meat for your freezer. Our hogs will average 300 pounds at harvest. For a whole hog you can expect around 173 pounds of meat for your freezer. We figure a whole beef will take up approximately 40 cu ft. of freezer space.
  • How do I order?
    At this time, please call Wesley at 606-875-5160 for any questions and to make your order. In the future we hope to add ordering to this website!
  • How do I pay?
    We are asking for $100 non-refundable deposit to hold your booking prior to getting your order. The remainder will be due upon pickup of meat. We hope to have an online pay option in the near future, however for now, we ask you please mail a check to: Logsdon Spring Hollow Farms 159 Lane Cemetery Road Nancy, KY 42544
  • What should I expect upon pickup?
    Please be prepared on your pickup day with suffiencient coolers and ice for transport of your product. We will be in contact with you on when/where to pick up your meat!
  • When can I expect my meat?
    Right now, our biggest delay is processing. With COVID-19, all of the processing plants are under extreme stress trying to process everyone's orders, including ours. We do have appointments for both hogs and beefs starting in June. However, those appointments are almost full with people that have already paid deposits. We have our meat ready for harvest, but due to processing delays it may be a little delay in getting it to you. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience as we are calling every day to the processors to try to get as many appointments as we can.
  • What will be my investment in a whole hog or beef?
    Roughly a whole beef will be about $3,100 while a whole hog will be about $550-600. Of course, this is all just an estimate. Final cost will depend on live weight of the animal. Our typical beefs will weigh in at about 1,100 pounds while our hogs will be around 300 pounds.
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