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-Know your Farmer. Shop local.-

In this unprecedented time, having protein on hand to feed your family is more important than ever.  Grocery stores are having a hard time keeping meat on the shelf, and many people are having a hard time getting enough for their families on a single trip to the grocery store.

We promise to bring you high quality pork and beef to have at your convenience for when demand is high and supply is short.  You can have the convenience and comfort of knowing there is meat in the freezer!

Our meat is hormone free and our beef are fence line weaned at around 180-210 days.  You also have the peace of mind knowing that there is no additives in our meat:  no dyes, food coloring, pink slime, filler, etc.  What you see is what you get.

Want to know what else makes us special?  We also grow the majority of their diet.  So not only are you getting an animal that has never left the farm, you are also getting an animal that was fed almost their entire diet from our farm as well.


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about us


Wesley & Alicia Logsdon

Nancy, KY

Hey y'all!

We are the Logsdons and we believe that everyone should know not only WHERE their food comes from, but also WHO grows it.  It is our mission to bring our customers high quality meat from our farm straight to your table.  

Over the last 2-3 years we have researched and honed our genetics and feeding techniques of our cattle and hog herd to optimize the quality of our meats.  We are PROUD of our product and believe our meat to be a superior flavor and marbling.  All of our animals have been born here on the farm, raised here, and have never left until time for processing. 

That way you can be sure to KNOW exactly where you food has come from and who has taken care of it.

We are a 1st generation farm family that row crops (grows soybeans, corn, and wheat), raises tobacco plants, operates a fall agri-tourism business, and also has cattle, hogs, and goats. 

Alicia also works off the farm as a Pharmacist and we have 2 children: Nolan & Shaylee.

keep your friends close and your farmers closer.

- Unknown -

Whole, Half, or quarter pricing & Ordering info



$2.09 per pound on hoof PLUS processing 

* Avg. 1250 pounds

*  Dresses out to about 62%

* Available in whole, half, 1/4, & 1/8



$1.00 per pound on hoof PLUS processing

*  Avg. 375 pounds

* Dresses out about 80%

* Available in whole, half, 1/4, & 1/8

2024 opening day: 
friday, april 12 !

Wed - friday 10a-5p
saturdays 9a-2p

821 Lanetown Road
Nancy, KY 42544

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